Our customers are always looking for innovation within the cabin, a reduction of parts typically means less weight and cost and sometimes more space. The reduction of parts in the traditional fixed over head stowage bin has done just that these bins traditionally employed linear actuators & piano hinges requiring many fasteners to assemble and fit the parts to the bin.

General Aerospace offer a range of light weight reinforced plastic hinges with "on board" damping and actuation all in one unit reducing part count and overall cost with the benefit of leaving more space in the stowage bin for luggage in both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.


  • Part Cost Reduction.
  • Luggage Space Increase due to a single part being used
  • Qualified to over 250,000 cycles
  • Serial production and custom parts available.

Typical applications include:

  • Overhead Stowage Bin Door actuation
  • Side wall Stowage box lid actuation.
  • Cockpit door vent flap actuation.