This family of "Heavy-Duty" dampers are typically designed to control larger forces and have shock absorption characteristics built in.

The absence of internal compensation foam enhance the dampers life and considerably increases the performance and accuracy.

The dampers are bespoke and can be adapted to each individual application. They are supplied with a large variety of attachment options, surface protections, strokes and functions.



  • Load-Sensing piston-head (option on request)           
  • Air-jump cancellation device integrated (standard)
  • Multiple orifice or single orifice designs           
  • Single or Double acting  types
  • Tension  or compression control
  • Stroke up to 800 mm
  • Body size 30 mm
  • Loads up to 10kN
  • Typical life expectancy 230,000 cycles
  • Aluminium housing





Typical appcications include:

  • Doors
  • Aircraft Canopies
  • Engine cowlings
  • Lids and Control Hatches