GAs-LOX™ a NEW Seat Recline Mechanism System

The GAs-LOX™ Seat Recline Mechanism System designed and developed by General Aerospace brings innovation into the interior of the cabin with a light weight durable recline mechanism offered for all classes of travel utilizing a wide range of strokes.

Economy Class – up to 30 mm of useable stroke

Premium and Business Class – 45 mm
to 66 mm of useable stroke.

Executive Class – 81 mm to 95 mm of useable stroke.

Our Seat Recline Mechanism Systems are installed in the horizontal position of the seat pan without the need for any special tools they are either fixed stroke or have variable adjustment setting to meet the seat OEM and airlines needs.

Their superior compact design and weight saving features provide seat designers and airlines the option to reduce weight and therefore cost of
their seat whilst not compromising performance and reliability.




  • Universal Control Cable Interface
  • Operation Life Expectancy in excess of 60,000 Cycles
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Drop in Replacements
  • Easy to Install
  • Competitively Priced
  • New lightweight short stroke design.
  • Excellent cycle life due to a new patent pending re-circulating bearing lubricator.
  • Fixed or variable stroke settings.
  • Standard or custom designs available.