Our units are extremely lightweight and with excellent energy dissipation, these sophisticated custom shock absorbers have been designed to be installed where space is a real constraint.

Internal design features such as our tapered-pin damping technique with pneumatic compensation and floating self-adjusting disk offer the designer a high performance unit in a small package.

  • Tapered-pin design with floating disk
  • Stroke range up to 300 mm
  • Oil-Air Mix            
  • Single acting in compression with mechanical or pneumatic spring return
  • Body size up to 250 mm
  • Energy dissipation up to 230,000 J
  • Typical life expectancy in excess of 200,000 cycles
  • Aluminium or stainless steel housing options 





Typical applications include:

  • End-stops
  • Cockpit Door Dampers
  • Passenger Door Dampers