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Engineering from A to Z

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“I can jump right into development projects here and help develop all the details from A to Z.”

Enrico, Development Engineer

Hi Enrico, I’m looking forward to hearing more about your work as a development engineer at General Aerospace. Thanks for coming!
Please tell us what you do at General Aerospace as an engineer.

Well first of all, we are always improving products that we have already launched. Technologies are constantly advancing and we are always gathering new knowledge, so we’re constantly optimizing our products. And also if we see that there are opportunities in the market to develop new products, or that we can better meet the customer’s needs with other solutions, then we develop completely new products. In engineering, one of the main things we do is handle the details.

That doesn’t sound like a very simple task. You need a good team for that, right?

Yeah, I like my coworkers. I like the way we communicate in the team. I get feedback and we discuss things together. It gives you a chance to reconsider your own opinion. Sometimes we talk about technical stuff over lunch. We eat lunch together and spend a lot of our free time together. So it’s not always about work. I’m from Italy and at first, I didn’t know anyone here. It’s really nice when you’re new if there are people to do stuff with outside of work, too.

Oh, what part of Italy, and where did you work there before?

I’m from Ferrara, which is near Bologna. I was a development and product engineer at a company there that manufactures hydraulic components.

So you basically stayed in the same industry. And you like it here at GA? Was it worth moving to Germany for?

The company where I worked in Italy was very big. In large organizations like that, everybody is doing their own thing. At a company like GA, you are involved with the big picture. I can jump right into development projects here and help develop all the details from A to Z. I like the short chain of command a lot. The working relationships are also better. I am also proud to be working for these renowned international customers. These are special customers that require special products. That’s a challenge, but it’s also fun.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the new products you put on the market in the coming years. What you’re doing is really exciting. 
Thank you Enrico, take care!