Motion control components for the aeronautics industry

Cross the line to the future …

We take your motion control requirements and translate them into sophisticated, advance products that adjust aircraft components such as seats and luggage bins with an unmistakably pleasant motion. We are always thinking well ahead and viewing problems from unusual perspectives. This allows us to come up with innovative and compelling solutions that do the following:

  • Increase flight safety
  • Assist the flight crew
  • Enhance passenger comfort
  • Reduce emissions through continuous weight reduction

As a full-service vendor, we provide you with ready-to-install solutions and services that leave nothing to be desired with respect to quality, reliability, on-time delivery, and innovation.

What sets us apart

Mechatronic motion control solutions

In addition to an unwavering focus on lightweighting, our product portfolio is characterized in particular by one salient fact. We provide mechatronic motion control components. This opens up a completely new set of options for you. Because even in confined installation spaces, these innovative products deliver impressive functionality and flexibility compared to conventional solutions. Most of all, they ensure greater safety and comfort. Find out more about our products or get in touch with us so we can talk about your projects.

Find out more about our products or get in touch with us so we can talk about your projects.


Luggage bins

Hydraulic Dampers / Lift Assist Units / E-Latches

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In addition to conventional hydraulic dampers and latches, we also offer motion control components for luggage bins that are unlike anything else on the market. Have you heard of our electronic products solutions that consume a minimal amount of power and offer enormous advantages? Learn more.


SEAT LOCKS—GAS LOX™ / Control Cables

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We offer the seat adjusters and control cables you need for lightweight, comfortable seats. Our GAs Lox allow not only convenient adjustment of seatbacks and leg rests, they also save a considerable amount of weight.


Mini Spring Actuators / Rotary Dampers

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You’ll find everything you need for damped motion of moving parts in lavatories or keeping lids securely closed to comply with fire regulations including mechanical and electronic versions of hydraulic dampers and rotary dampers.


Primary flight control dampers

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Our primary flight control dampers have been specially developed for fly-by-wire aircraft to give the pilot pedal feedback and ensure controlled rudder operation.



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One person is able to move and secure heavy engine cowlings all by themselves thanks to this unbeatable duo, our LA and HOR. The LA provides powerful lifting assistance while the HOR serves as a safety catch.



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These handrails are just what your demanding private jet customers are expecting — not only do they feel right, they’re also beautiful to behold.